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globalization is also the starting point of enterprise management.


Customer value first

If a company fails to create value for customers, it will lose its rationality of existence and will lose its significance. Customer value first means that Hua Heng Machinery must be able to provide professional services, be accurate and able to achieve customer value through our actions. Better achievement of customers is a complete embodiment of value of HuaHeng Machinery Company, and also a constant guideline for the continuous growth direction of HuaHeng Machinery.

People are the fundamental of value creation

In HuaHeng Machinery, we must always bear in mind that talents are the real driving force of value creation, and talent is the only factor determining the rise and fall of HuaHeng Machinery. What makes HuaHeng Machinery unique and great? It’s a talent. HuaHeng Machinery must have the ability to understand and use talents. The best platform to win the talents and give full play to them is the constant and constant pursuit of HuaHeng Machinery.

Pursuit of success is a virtue

The pursuit of success is a good thing. In HuaHeng Machinery, everyone has the right to pursue success and the obligation to pursue success. HuaHeng Machinery provides every platform for every successful person, and it will not become a safe haven for pursuing comfort. We firmly believe that every Hua Heng robot will come to HuaHeng Machinery because it wants to get better and will also leave HuaHeng Machinery because it can’t get better. Therefore, providing platform for success is the responsibility of HuaHeng Machinery. We will always pursue the continuous leap of platform to match the growth of every successful person.

Independent and full responsibility

HuaHeng Machinery is a group of people who have independent judgement and assume full responsibility. We firmly believe that every HuaHeng Machinery has the ability to maintain independent judgement and take full responsibility for its actions, which is not related to rank and position. At any time, HuaHeng Machinery will not attribute its behavior to blindness or blind obedience, nor will it find an excuse for escaping from the consequences of its actions.

Team value is higher than personal value

When personal success is incompatible with team success, we must abide by team value and personal value. In HuaHeng Machinery, there should not be a situation where personal value is greater than team value. Anyone’s pursuit of success cannot be overdone by team success. Under the premise of compatibility with team value, we encourage everyone to pursue personal value.

Worth being entrusted to

For customers, trustworthy is the premise to achieve customer value; cooperation within HuaHeng Machinery is the necessary path to achieve all goals. Trustworthy is the basic premise of all cooperation effects, and is the moral character of every HuaHeng robot.

Fact is better than authority

We advocate human values and respect the value of authority in every field. However, respect for authority should not exceed the limit of fact, and everyone should dare to challenge authority in the face of certain facts, and as a professional authority in this field, in front of the facts, we should also be brave to deny himself, on the basis of facts and with professional guidance, to reconstruct the path and the conclusion.

Tolerance and positive failure

There are two kinds of failures that are not tolerated: one is deliberately concealing failure, and the other two is knowing that failure will happen and take no action as it happens. In addition, we know that no one or an enterprise can completely eliminate failure. We will take a tolerant attitude in HuaHeng Machinery and the failure to explore new and new rules within the limits of the rules. We regard unintentional failure as a valuable and necessary experience in the growth process of a company. The encouragement of novelty search does not stop because of failure.

Aim for the highest

The world is the world of the eye. In HuaHeng Machinery, everyone should have a big pattern, dare to pursue excellence and create extraordinary.

Be inn awe of

There is no constant market and no constant opponent. Always reverence for the market, reverence for peers and reverence for customers. Only by doing so can we constantly break through ourselves and achieve ourselves.

Respect professional

There are no jobs that are not related to the mission, and no work related to love. Occupation is the only bridge connecting personal talents and achievements. Respecting your career is the greatest respect for your dreams and the ultimate guarantee for your dreams.

Fast action

Argumentation and thinking cannot take the place of action, only action can bring results. For the clear conclusion of core conclusions, the best fighter at present is to act quickly instead of waiting.

Speak your mind

Being outspoken is always effective than beating around the bush. Do not let communication skills conceal the essence of communication. No matter to the upper and lower communication, please speak frankly. For cadres or employees, please be accustomed to speaking directly.


Quick action is not equal to one. The more valuable thing is, the more persistent investment is needed. In the case of goal determination, winning or losing depends only partly on skills, and more on patience, perseverance and unchanging mind.


Whether the result is success or failure, its value should not be one-off. The return of success and failure will create greater value, and the sharing of the complex is one of the best ways of group learning and a source of wisdom for the enterprise to continue to grow.

Embraces change

Invariable is change, and stubbornness will be poison. Change is the main theme of the age. It is there. If you don’t embrace it, it will be abandoned by the times.